Meggings: Can Real Men Wear Leggings?


Real men wear meggings…

Men and women’s fashion have always been interchangeable. Annie Hall wore men’s slacks, Prince rocks four-inch boots, and David Bowie has worn just about every piece of clothing from both genders. It seems logical that men can wear leggings. It’s only fair.

I’m not saying that leggings are for every man. In fact, it takes a very bold man to wear them—one who is comfortable with his body and not afraid to break the mold. It’s kind of like kilts: People might try and put you down for wearing them, but if you think you can hack it, go for it.

Celebrities including Russell Brand, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, and Justin Bieber have rocked leggings. Men’s leggings, or “meggings” if you will, are catching on. There’s even a Tumblr blog called “F*** Yeah Meggings”, dedicated to men in leggings.

Most men will choose pants over leggings, but there is nothing wrong with choosing the latter. It shows that a man has guts, takes risks, and isn’t hesitant about breaking gender stereotypes. It demonstrates that he is secure and willing to try new things. Women go gaga over Brand and Levine and Bieber (Buy Justin Bieber Styled Harem Parents Online), so by rocking the meggings they must be doing something right.

Along with the fashion element, Mother Nature Network highlights the fact that leggings are perfect for active men. Just like women, men have discovered that working out is just more comfortable in leggings. For guys who are ripped, it’s a chance to show off their killer bods. I don’t think anyone would object to that.

In the wintertime, men can wear them as an extra layer to stay warm in the bitter cold. Using meggings as a layer is a perfect scenario for men that don’t want to take fashion risks. It allows them to feel cozy and not have to show off their legs if it makes them feel awkward.

While meggings are a little controversial, men shouldn’t be afraid to wear them. It might not be a good idea to put them on before a job interview or board meeting, but if you’re running errands or dressing up for a fun night out, ask yourself: 

Why the heck not?

6 thoughts on “Meggings: Can Real Men Wear Leggings?

  1. Of course men can wear leggings. I am male and I do wear leggings. I don’t particularly like the term “meggings”. It’s just ridiculous that society norms determine gender fashion. According to mainstream western culture, men can wear shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, and jumpers. Women can wear shorts, skirts, pants, tights, leggings, dresses, shirts, blouses, jumpers, jackets. Leggings are far more comfortable and non restrictive with movement. But the stares, weird looks, and comments are what prevent me from the freedom of fashion choice. My girlfriend is sort of supportive but not completely at ease with me wearing leggings. She tolerates it but doesn’t encourage it.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for chiming in. Glad to hear your girlfriend supports you in what makes you comfortable. As leggings begin to evolve for the man rest assure those stares, weird looks and comments end up on the positive front because of your fashion choices.

    Stay cool my man.

  3. I’m a man and I love to wear leggings!!!!!!! When I wear leggings I wear them to the gym under my workout clothes they make me sweat a lot when I do cardio and I also like to wear them as longjohns when weather is cold. I feel sexy and comfortable wearing leggings.

    • Hi Robby,

      Glad to hear you stepped up to the plate and came to bat for all the other men out there. Thanks for adding in your advice about leggings in the gym for men. We are adding a new line of mens harem pants which are also perfect for the gym. They might not be as quite sweatful as leggings but can add a bit of style over them while working out in the gym. This is of course if your pushing the weights as I would not recommend running in harem.

      Keep showing off them jewels my man and keep rockin the leggos! =)

  4. I wear leggings, Both for daily wear, depending on my mood and for exercise. Like an above poster said my girlfriend doesn’t mind it but doesn’t encourage it either.

  5. Yes leggings are for men and women.. i have some good leggings included tartan, denim and stirrup legging with suede mid calf boots that make more comfortable, it make more breathethe body without use tight belt.. i also wear tights and denim shorty shorts that also look nice on men as well.. just wear it as none of people business…

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